Tuesday, February 26, 2008

E.T. Go Home

The contract of extraterrestrial/gollum, Sam Cassell, has been bought out by the Los Angeles Clippers. Considering the Clips' frugal history plus the 100% certainty that Cassell would make everyone's life hell due to the team's inability to get their point guard traded by the deadline, this was a smart decision that might have been against Donald Sterling's nature.

The top three teams that covet this escapee from a genetic engineering lab while also possessing the most money to offer are Boston, Dallas, and Denver. While Dallas has the most money to offer, Boston could offer the most playing time. My hopes and dreams will come true if Cassell is reunited with George Karl in Denver, which is comparable to throwing a match onto gasoline that's covering Gary Busey in a public library.

That's all I got, so here's some more pictures of this freak-a-zoid.


ivro89 said...

No, he didn't get bought out. The only news out on this subject is that he finally said he is actively trying to get bought out...


Anubis Taylor said...

source: http://insider.espn.go.com/nba/features/rumors

Title: Clips To Buy Out Cassell

Content: "According to a Clippers source, the team will announce today that it is buying out the contract of the 38-year-old guard."