Sunday, February 10, 2008

The Southeast Division's Losing Streak Is Fun For All Ages!

It was a slow Sunday, with most people (myself included) basically taking the day off and relaxing. The extra time allowed me to take a glance at the standings and it would appear that one team has had a bad run of losing lately.

This team I refer to is the entire collective Southeast division.

See what I did there? I zinged ya!

I didn't? You saw it coming because it was in the post title? Crap. Well I guess you got me there.

Anyhoo, with the exception of the Magic, who have actually been doing quite well lately and only have a losing streak of 1 game, all of the Southeast teams have been losing in droves:

- The Wizards have cooled after a resurgance and have lost 6 straight. I should note that the Wizards have a chance to either extend or snap this streak right now as I write. They are currently trailing the Suns 75-71. Only you, reader of the future, know the outcome!

-The Bobcats have lost 6 straight and appear ready to admit that Jason Richardson was not the answer to all of their problems. The grassroots campaign to bring the Hornets back to Charlotte should start any day now.

-The hapless Heat played their first game with Shawn Marion and still lost their 7th straight game. The fun thing about the Heat this year is that they appear to enjoy only losing in incredibly long streaks. It's only a matter of time before I find a fun way to gamble on this with friends.

-Even the Hawks, a team that has been surprisingly good this year, has lost two in a row and 6 of their last 10. -And here we thought we had something by pre-ordering 500 "SUPER Mario West" t-shirts. Damn fortune cookie, with it's "You Will Succeed With New Business Endeavors" lies!

Yes, we know this article is just yet another in a long line of "the Eastern Conference Sucks" posts on the internet, but it is still rare (and quite fun!) to see an entire division do the figurative "Biff Tannen from Back to the Future" and get horse manure dumped all over it.

If Washington wins tonight, I'll be sure to update this post to let you know which rock to find me under.


Fadango said...

haha I didn't even realize the large amount of losing that is happening down there.

Anonymous said...

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