Wednesday, February 13, 2008

THF Announcement: We Hate Hackers

Some of you might have been shocked to see that overlying concept of the site has jumped from basketball fanaticism to anatomy 101. FALSE! Today someone hacked into one of the images on the site and changed what was once a very innocent image of a house crumbling (to represent Isiah Thomas' Knicks foundation) to a man doing bad things with his "little guy".

Yes...that "little guy".

We apologize to anyone who might have seen this image and assure you that all measures have been taken to ensure this never happens again.

On a funny side note, the incident caused G.L. Rawx to have this phone conversation with his wife:

Anna: Did you see there's a penis on your blog?
G.L.: Is it mine?
Anna: Nope, sorry.
G.L. : :sigh: Oh well.

~The Staff


Magic Man said...

For a second there the "We Suck" logo was taking on a whole new meaning.

Anonymous said...

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