Sunday, February 10, 2008

Finding The Truth Around The Trade Deadline

Every year is the same: the trade deadline winds up being a quagmire of lies, deception, and people yelling about Isiah Thomas helping other teams. This year, so far, seems to be no different (get on those phones, Isiah).

Thus, it is the duty of any self respecting journalist...and me cut through the lies being thrown out there an have the truth shine through like the gold teeth on Flava Flav.

Here are some things I will put my stamp on as bonafide truths entering the "code red" time before the Feb 21 trade deadline. Please note that my stamp is worth approximately 1 cent and won't get any of your bulk mail across the country:

Truth #1: Sam Cassell won't be the latest old timer to hop on the Celtics Championship express.

This has less to do with the Celtics intolerance of alien-looking players and more to do with Sam Cassell putting the ki-bosh on Rajon Rondo's head.

Truth #2: Vince Carter's value right now is lower than...yes, no metaphor can even describe it anymore.

Recently I reported that Nets president Rod Thorn said Shaq was nearly useless in his opinion. Since then a source close to the process claimed that the Nets quietly tried to trade Vince Carter for Shaq. They both play about 1 good game a week, so I guess this would be fair. Still, for shame, Rod.

Truth #3: The Denver Nuggets are less concerned with winning and more interested in making their team an experiment to see whether enough crazy personalities will cause the team to spontaneously combust.

You'd think a team with George Karl, Allen "Talkin' Bout PRACTICE" Iverson, JR Smith, and Kenyon Martin would have enough fireworks to keep management on their toes. Word from Ron Artest's agent is that Denver really wants him, but Sacramento would likely not make the deal. For extra thrills, Denver management would like you to push them down a flight of stairs in a shopping cart.

Truth #4: Due to his lack of interest in playing and his knee injury, Jermaine O'Neal's stock is currently lower than dirt.

On a related note the Nets are looking to trade Vince Carter for him! I kid you not. Oh yeah, and Isiah Thomas now wants him more than ever. Can't I get any games here in New York other than Knicks and Nets games? Sigh.

Truth #5: In this trade-heavy world, no one will make you feel buyer's remorse like Wally's World.

The guy who seems to have the most horrible decision making skills in the NBA (on the court), and was part of the Ray Allen deal, called a timeout that the Sonics didn't have last night, essentially costing them the game against Phoenix. Meanwhile, somewhere KG just smiled, feeling free as a bird. Life without Wally will do that for you.

More trade deadline fun as the expiration date approaches!

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