Thursday, February 14, 2008


Devean George is in fact Toni Braxton in disguise. George is currently blocking the 3rd blockbuster trade of the season in which Jason Kidd would be dealt to the Mavs using his unique rights as a player with a one-year contract.

...league rules dictate that players on a one-year contract -- but who are also eligible for Early Bird free-agent rights at the end of the contract -- cannot be traded without their consent. George, who earns $2.4 million this season, is one of 18 such players in the league at present, afforded the right to either approve or veto trades because those Bird rights are lost if they do get traded.

Essentially, he could be giving up his chance for getting a big contract, but considering his whining the past few weeks he'd be in favor of the trade if he got considerable playing time in Jersey. Problem is, George has not been very good since he stopped playing with Shaq and Jersey only wants George for his expiring contract. Look to last night's box score: 33 minutes, 0-11, 0 points, 4 rebounds and 2 assists. It's players like George that keep Penny Hardaway in the league!

So what does Toni Braxton have to do with any of this? It's been long rumored that a love triangle existed between her, Kidd, and Jim Jackson and that this was the impetus for getting Jackson and Kidd traded out of town. Folks, we've got ourselves another triangle that's likely going to keep Kidd from getting some sweet booty.

Optimists think that this trade will still go through, but I'm now envisioning Kidd in a Cleveland uni lobbing alley-oops to LeBron. I often drool over Jason Kidd, but did anyone really think he and Malik Allen (who really counts as a negative) were really worth 7 players? Cuban was obviously out hitting on co-eds the night before and left a voicemail for the Nets where he listed off every player on the roster and the number of draft picks in the next few years. Too bad, because this was going to make the West super-duper fun!


Johnny Jungle said...

As a Mavs fan I'm soooooo happy Devean George blocked this deal. I don't think Jason Kidd is the answer to guarantee a title and he is a very short term upgrade.

People underestimate Harris's worth from being able to defend Tony Parker/Nash and his speed/quickness might be tops in the league. In addition to giving up the 2 draft picks we just gave up way too much.

There aren't too many suitors for Kidd and the Nets aren't in the power position in terms of bargaining but they would be raping the Mavs here and I'm not sure how Donnie Nelson and Cuban fail to see this.

Anonymous said...

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