Monday, February 11, 2008

Spree Can't Afford To Feed His Yacht

There was only one news article today that the suffering Sonics coach, PJ Carlesimo, could have cackled at: Latrell Sprewell sold his yacht and will likely lose his house as well. This is the guy who has committed many a wrong, most notably the following:

  1. Choked his coach.
  2. Failed to mention to the Knicks that he had a broken hand, while on said yacht.
  3. Turned down a three-year, $21 million contract adding, "I've got my family to feed."
  4. Got the Knicks into the '99 Finals
  5. CHOKED HIS FREAKIN' COACH! What more do you need?!?!
For those that may not remember, the name of the infamous yacht was Milwaukee's Best, coincidentally the same name of the worst beer in America to use in Beirut tournaments during your freshman year in your dorm's basement storage room that your student adviser/one of-age friend would put on.

What's needed at this point is to make an entirely new team with only players making comebacks in need of an elusive championship, aka extra cash. Pippen could run the point-forward while Oak sets illegal picks along the baseline for Allan Houston and Reggie Miller. Penny will sit on the bench telling the Kandi Man that he was in Blue Chips. JR Rider will give the finger to all babies within sight.

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Magic Man said...

Apparently, he can't afford to feed his Website either: