Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Second Half Preview: Attack of the Clones The New Batch PART DEUX

Sorry guys, it's not a post about that hot piece Valeria Golino, nor is it about her sexy counterpart Charlie Sheen, sorry ladies, but alas, it is not 1993, and there's no longer a Kelly Kapowski poster on my wall, BUT IT'S MY NBA SECOND HALF PREDICTIONS OH YEAAAAAAH!!!!

Damn he's awesome.

Anyway, here goes.

G.L. Rawx's Predicted Standings, Awards, and Random Stuff:
**Denotes Division Winner, *Denotes playoff team


Atlantic Division
1) Boston Celtics**
2) Toronto Raptors*
3) New Jersey Nets
4) Philadelphia 76ers
5) New York Knicks

Central Division
1) Detroit Pistons**
2) Cleveland Cavaliers*
3) Chicago Bulls*
4) Indiana Pacers
5) Milwaukee Bucks

Southeast Division
1) Orlando Magic**
2) Atlanta Hawks*
3) Washington Wizards*
4) Charlotte Bobcats
5) Miami Heat


Northwest Division
1) Utah Jazz**
2) Portland Trailblazers*
3) Denver Nuggets*
4) Seattle Supersonics
5) Minnesota Timberwolves

Pacific Division
1) L.A. Lakers**
2) Phoenix Suns*
3) Golden State Warriors
4) Sacramento Kings
5) L.A. Clippers

Southwest Division
1) Dallas Mavericks**
2) San Antonio Spurs*
3) New Orleans Hornets*
4) Houston Rockets
5) Memphis Grizzlies

Rookie of the Year: Kevin Durant

I don't see how anyone could state otherwise. His 19.4 points with 4.1 boards, 2.3 assists, and 1.1 blocks in 33 minutes a game are pretty strong, with the closest to him being Al Horford with a decent 9 point 10 board average.

Most Improved Player: Jose Calderon

'06-'07 Stats: 8.7 PPG, 5.0/1.4 APG/TOPG, 52% FG
'07-'08 Stats: 12.9 PPG, 8.9/1.6 APG/TOPG, 55% FG
That assist to turnover ratio is RETARDED.

MVP: Kobe Bryant

Kobe's game is evolving again, and now that he passes the ball people will notice his all around play, and remember that even with what he does with the ball, he still plays fantastic defense.

Coach of the Year: Doc Rivers

The Celtics are really just that good. I don't think they lose 15 games, and anyone who can coach those 3 guys and keep them all happy deserves to be recognized. Plus when Rajon Rondo is playing GOOD basketball, someone must be applauded.

NBA Finals Outcome: L.A. Lakers over Boston

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after all, calderon is a world champion.