Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Second Half Preview PART THREE: I Stupidly Cling To My Preseason Picks

As we each look back at our 07-08 predictions for our NBA midseason review, I must say I am quite happy with how my early season picks have turned out thus far.

No, I wasn't anywhere near perfect...in fact in the Atlantic and Central divisions I think it is fair to say my predictions were the rough equivalent of a monkey throwing feces at the standings. Still, for the most part my choices still hold weight and that's why I'm changing very little.

Here are my midseason predictions on how things will turn out, with the changes from my early season picks in red.

Atlantic Division

1) Boston Celtics** (Guess they did live up to the hype. Oops)
2) Toronto Raptors* (Never bet against foreigners)
3) New Jersey Nets (I should have seen Vinsanity on this roster and ran)
4) New York Knicks (Isiah is making this prediction tough to keep)
5) Philadelphia 76ers (Anyone's guess what this team will do)

Central Divison

1) Detroit Pistons** (Who doesn't get better when Webber leaves?)
2) Cleveland Cavaliers* (Lebron could carry 2 teams at this point)
3) Chicago Bulls* (The team that ruined everyone's predictions. Congrats, Hinrich!)
4) Milwakee Bucks (A talented roster of weirdos. Redd will help win them more.)
5) Indiana Pacers (Diener is the only entertainment here, folks.)

Southeast Division

1) Orlando Magic** (Turkoglu is the surprise of the season. SVG is magical)
2) Washington Wizards* (Caron Butler turned into a #1 option. Scary!)
3) Atlanta Hawks* (The young talent finally gelled. Did not see this coming)
4) Charlotte Bobcats (Oh if only Morrison was healthy!...haha, yeah right)
5) Miami Heat (Everyone knew they'd be bad...but THIS bad?!)

Northwest Division

1) Utah Jazz** (I still say Sloan for coach of the year. Anyone?...Sigh)
2) Denver Nuggets (Playing well, but Artest could derail them if he comes)
3) Portland Trailblazers (Oden will make this team elite)
4) Seattle Supersonics (Oklahoma City Supersonics...that's a long name)
5) Minnesota Timberwolves (McHale is still employed. Miracles exist, people)

Pacific Division

1) Phoenix Suns** (Shaq makes me worry about this prediction)
2) Golden State Warriors* (Yes, I still like the Warriors. I'm not crazy)
3) L.A. Lakers* (Kobe's pinkie worries me. I once broke my pinkie toe. Owie!)
4) Sacramento Kings (Artest should be shipped any day now)
5) L.A. Clippers (Back where they were all those years)

Southwest Division

1) Dallas Mavericks** (Hopefully Kidd will bring my championship prediction to life)
2) Houston Rockets* (Surprise! I still like the Rockets, winners of 8 straight)
3) San Antonio Spurs* (This team will be in the playoffs until we're long dead)
4) New Orleans Hornets* (This team surprised, but I can see them stumbling)
5) Memphis Grizzlies (Firesale time! ...AGAIN!)

Rookie of the Year: Kevin Durant

MVP: Lebron James (Gilbert getting hurt killed my prediction. I think Lebron IS his team this year)

Coach of the Year: Doc Rivers (Sorry, children...Jerry Sloan will never win.)


And there you have it, some wacky and wild predictions. We'll see how all three of us do and tabulate it at season's end.


ivro89 said...

Apparently theres a 3 team trade in the words of Vince Carter to the Knicks (haha yea I know), Eddy Curry to the Heat, and the expiring contracts of Jason Williams and Ricky Davis to the Nets.

Black and Blue Jor said...

Holy cow. Just when I think the Knicks can't get any more entertaining!

Eddy Curry to the Heat is the head-scratcher to me. I guess they feel the need to fill the overweight, disinterested void that Shaq left.

The Nets are joining the Clips in 1990s-era suckiness apparently.

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